Talk // 5 Guilty + Silly Pleasures

Talk // 5 Guilty + Silly Pleasures


Ah, guilty pleasures. Everyone has them. Sometimes, we take so much pleasure in them that we don’t even feel guilty about it. It leaves us weak in the knees and we get so tempted to indulge in these pleasures.

While we were discussing the topic of this post last week, we decided that most of our guilty pleasures aren’t things to be very ashamed of. They are just silly little things that we are addicted to.

Today, we will share some of our guilty and/or silly pleasures with you. Just for fun!



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Talk // 5 Random Facts

Talk // 5 Random Facts


It has been slightly more than three months since we started honey&gazelle and our blog, A Literary of Lifestyle and Love; we thought it was about time for us to share a little bit more about ourselves!

Talk is a column where you will get to know us better, and what better way is there than to start with really random facts about us?



1 // I am a fishychickytarian. I decided to become one reluctantly as I do love my meats so very dearly. However, I realised that pork was giving me the runs. -sob-

2 // My beloved dog, Junior knew all my secrets. He was the best listener and the best partner. I still miss him till this day 😦

3 // Corn is my favourite food in the whole world. I can eat corn everyday and with anything! Maybe that is why I have such a corny sense of humour. Ahahahah. Made you roll your eyes!

4 // My mum has a group of mysterious friends. Whenever I have exciting plans, my mum would relate to me about her friends or their kids’ experiences on the subject matter at hand. It always seems to end in misfortune. The strange thing is, I have never met any of those friends.

5 // I am absolutely in love with Jellycat bunny plush toys. They are so soft and cuddly, I just want to have them all! There are currently 6 bunnies, 2 cats, 1 mouse and 1 deer in my crazy collection.



1 // I’m a crazy cat lady with two cats named after Star Wars characters. On the left, meet Boba – my precious special needs kitty who is all soft and gentle. On the right is Trooper, an ADHD a**hole who gets himself into all kinds of sh*t. You can also call them “Bobby” and “Poopy”. I lurve them both soooooo much!

2 // My favourite day of the week is Saturday and I like to spend it in the darkness of my room. Why Saturday? Because it is the start of the weekend and the best day to be antisocial when everyone else is busy being social.

3 // I have terrible terrible dark eye circles. This is not an exaggeration:  I need two different concealers to look normal. When I’m not wearing any concealers, I look like this. I’m sorry to scare you.

4 // My Mandarin is horrible. I studied Chinese Calligraphy when I was young as my mom thought it would be a great way to improve my Mandarin. Nope, didn’t work; my characters are beautiful but I have no idea what I’m writing.

5 // When I was seven, I wrote in my school essay that I wanted to become a florist. That was a lie. I just wanted to draw flowers on my paper.

Tell us 5 random facts about you now!

Love, Min+Jia.