Hot Hue // Copper

Hot Hue // Copper

Ah, copper. We have been super obsessed with all the different coppery tones lately.

The striking reddish brown sheen has been popping up in a wide range of products, presumably as everyone looks for a more grown-up colour choice than that of the girlish rose gold. We personally love copper as it isn’t as bright as gold and silver but is more vibrant than bronze.

We lean toward different ends of the copper spectrum. Min prefers the rustic shades; those that resembles the actual metal and have been left out to oxidise for a while. Being the magpie she is, Jia gravitates towards the paler shinier rosier coppers.

Here are some of our favourite copper-hued picks!


1 // Bodum ‘Chambered’ Classic French Press – Imagine drinking coffee from this copper French press every morning. Life is good but with this, life will be that much better.

2 // Urban Decay Naked3 Palette – Very slow on the bandwagon but I have never own a Naked palette before! I really love the rose gold and coppery shades in this palette and I can see myself using it everyday.

3 // Free People Angel Rays Lace Trapeze Midi Dress – Can this be my wedding dress, please?

4 // Happy Plugs Rose Gold Lightning Charge & Sync 2 Metre Cable – One can never have too many lightning cables especially when it is in this gorgeous hue. I also love that this is 2 metres long; A star for functionality when I am at a pop-up booth! Read more

Hot Hue // Sparkling Emerald Green

Hot Hue // Sparkling Emerald Green

Emerald. What a beautiful and classy colour!

This is the colour I would like my bridesmaid dresses to be, the colour of the gem I would wear on my ring finger, and the colour of the kitchen french door in my home. And while I am still dreaming for all these to come true, I have compiled a list of items that may just lure you into the world of deep sparkling green. Emerald is definitely on my top 5 favourite colour list!

To be honest, I never really liked emerald when I was growing up. My mum has a emerald ring (very gorgeous in my current opinion) and I used to think of it as a Captain Planet ring. I have always thought of emerald as dull and ‘grandma’. But hey, classic is not old. And emerald is classic. Min loves evergreen stuff! (Ah, so punny!)

Check out my emerald obsessions!

1 // Emerald Satin Gown – This picture has been in my ‘Wedding‘ Pinterest board for the longest time. Simple, classy and right to the point. I can’t express how much I adore this gown.

2 // Zara Oval Messenger Bag – Structured, emerald, mini and Zara! All my favourites in a bag. I’m so close to hitting ‘Check Out‘ on

3 // Original Abstract Painting by Hiroshi Matsumoto – I love abstract oil paintings and can spend a long time looking at it. Did I mention that green is also my favourite colour to work with? Blending green is absolutely therapeutic for me.

4 // Oval Emerald Engagement Ring – And… my mum’s Captain Ring looks something like this. I really like how the band details does not overpower the emerald. Are we allowed to have more than 1 engagement rings?  Read more

Hot Hue // Soft Dusty Greys

Hot Hue // Soft Dusty Greys

Like the colour white, I never really used to appreciate greys when I was growing up.

I think my first bout of love for the colour struck when I was in design school. I remember using my favourite shades of soft grey copic markers to colour the skin tones and add depth to the drapes of my fashion illustrations. Why didn’t I use nude beigey shades for the skin tone? I did sometimes, but I always preferred grey as it goes fantastically well with all colours.

“For a painter, grey is the richest colour. The one that makes all the others speak.” said Paul Klee, a Swiss-German painter. Helen van Wky was also a fan of the colour, “Grey is the queen of all colours, because she makes everyone else look good”.

Over the years, grey has steadily climbed up the ranks and is now one of my ultimate favourite colours. I love all shades of them – there are more than 50 shades of grey – but always have a soft spot for the very soft greys and the really smokey greys.

Here are some of my current obsessions that boast of shades of the former!

1 // Vintage Samsonite Streamlite Train Makeup Case – Swoon, this is from the 1950s and it looks like it is in great condition. I’m a makeup junkie and this is a dream travel case!

2 // Rainy Day Lambswool Throw Blanket – Super pretty and cosy, it is the perfect snuggle blanket. ❤

3 // Robin Cushion – This cushion is so cute! I love that the robin looks very peaceful and it soothingly puts me into an autumn/winter mood immediately.

4 // Moleskine Soft Coloured Notebook – Ahhhh, good ol’ Moleskine. Even though I am probably hoarding close to a hundred notebooks right now… this shade is so pretty and Moleskines are always a good idea right?

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Hot Hue // Flame Red

Hot Hue // Flame Red


Our tiny little island turns 50 at the end of this week and the celebrations have been totally pumped up ten notches. Influenced by the festivities, our hot hue of the moment is naturally Flame Red!

Flame Red (or Pantone 032) is the top half colour of Singapore’s flag and we have been seeing it everywhere these days. It is an intense bright red that is super cheery and attention-grabbing. A very apt colour for our country as even though we are so small, we really do know how to make a scene (in good and bad ways).

Here are some red lovelies that have caught my eye. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find exact colour matches so I focused on bright reds that are similarly rich and happy!


1 // Lodge Patriot Red Apple 3-quart Cast Iron Cookware – How cute is this? I like that it can be used on the stove and in the oven. I skimmed through the reviews and most were really positive! Great way to add a little whimsy in your kitchen.

2 // Z Gallerie Manta Tray – I wouldn’t use this as a serving tray but as an organisational tray. It would look terrific with my little white saucers/ bowls that I use to catch my loose jewellery and a mishmash of things.

3 // New Nintendo 3DS XL – I already own a blue 3DS XL but this is so pretty! A purely lust item as my current Nintendo works perfectly fine and I feel very attached to it.

4 // Worst DJ Ever Sticker – Hilarious. Just read this golden description on their website: “I heard T. Rex tried moonlighting as a wedding DJ. The entire dance portion of the reception was completely quiet, except for T. Rex occasionally saying, “REEEEEMIIIIIX!” Everyone said, ‘This DJ exstincts!’ “.

Now, I really love red as an accent colour for accessories and makeup. The below items are right up my alley!

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Hot Hue // Sunshine Yellow

Hot Hue // Sunshine Yellow

I love sunshine yellow!

Yellow is the colour of sunshine and energy; a little bit of yellow can go a long, long way. Don’t you just love yellow? I believe I have finally found my favourite colour after many years of searching!

Unlike buttercup yellow or mustard (both are equally pretty), bright sunshine yellow gives so much life and vibrancy to almost everything. Add a pop of cheery sunshine yellow to your nails, furniture or presentation slides (I’m very guilty of this!) and you would be able to immediately see the difference!

Here are some sunshine yellow items that are currently on my want-so-badly list! Read right to the end for a local pop of surprise!

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Hot Hue // White

Hot Hue // White

I have always been pretty ambivalent about the colour white.

For a really long time, I never wore white nor had any white accessories. Okay, let’s not count my Apple products. However, at some point in time during my early twenties, I was suddenly hooked to white. I still don’t really wear the colour, but I love it on every other product. I crave its crispness and how it always looks so very clean.

It’s pretty funny, really. When I was a teen and an anti-establishment art student, I thought it was such a blah colour that lacked personality. Now that I am a young adult (ahem), I think that one actually needs confidence to rock a colour so stark and fresh.

So without further ado, here are some white products that I am loving at the moment.

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