honey&gazelle // BRB

honey&gazelle // BRB


We are on a blog break until 10 January 2016.

honey&gazelle Design Studio and its online stores (Etsy and Carousell) will be closed from 24 December 2015 to 10 January 2016. During this time, we will still be responding to emails, albeit slower than usual. If you really miss us, we will still be posting on our Instagram account every now and then!

We wish you a very blessed Christmas and for the upcoming year to be filled with love and happiness ❤

We will be back!

With Love, Min+Jia.

Free Downloads #11 // The Merry Christmas List (Printable Shopping List)

Free Downloads #11 // The Merry Christmas List (Printable Shopping List)

We have been so stretched with time this week that this Free Downloads post is coming in two days late. Oops, but better late than never, right?

If you have not started or completed your Christmas shopping, it is time to get organised!

Despite our best efforts to finish Christmas shopping early this year, we found ourselves (just a few days ago!) in the scary crowd of equally-late shoppers right smack in the middle of town. With so much tension in the air, we did not get any shopping done and quickly escaped into the safe haven of our studio.

We needed a plan. And so, we made a list. As always. If you need a shopping list to pen down your gift ideas and stuff, this free printable will definitely come in handy!

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honey&gazelle // 2016 Calendar: 12 Months of Bad Puns Bring Good Cheer!

honey&gazelle // 2016 Calendar: 12 Months of Bad Puns Bring Good Cheer!

Calendars! Nothing gets you more prepared for the new year than a fresh new calendar. Well, that and making new year resolutions that you probably would not keep.

This online release is coming in a little late as we have already been selling our calendars in person at our pop-up booths for the past few weeks. But better late than never, yeah?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you our 2016 Calendar: 12 Months of Bad Puns Bring Good Cheer! -imaginary crowd cheers- 


As you may have guessed from the really long name, this calendar contains silly but spirited puns-of-the-month designed to make you smile or roll your eyes. We definitely encourage humour!

The twelve punny quotes and colourful illustrations have been designed to brighten up any down or dull days. When times get rough or boring, we hope that you will look at the calendar and smile. That is really our biggest reason behind creating such a calendar!

Here is a look at some of the months.

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Free Downloads #10 // Festive Wallpapers for December

Free Downloads #10 // Festive Wallpapers for December

Do you like to match your tech’s wallpapers with the seasons? If you do, these festive wallpapers should be right up your alley 🙂

Love & Good Cheer reminds us of beautiful winter days with fresh snow falling and warmth in our hearts because of the great kind vibes around.

Peace On Earth was immediately created once we spotted our favourite peppermint candy canes on the shelves at our grocery stores. It is such a fun wallpaper and our silly way of paying tribute to our favourite seasonal candy!

These wallpapers are free and are available for download in two resolutions to fit your desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. You should know by now that we love matching things!

All desktop wallpapers were designed to fit a 27″ iMac perfectly (2560 pixels x 1440 pixels). It will also display beautifully on all screens with lower resolutions or smaller dimensions.

Matching parallax wallpapers are available for use on all mobile phones and tablets. Parallax wallpapers account for perspective shifts, so your wallpaper will look great in both horizontal and vertical views.

For iPhone and iPad users, you can also select “Perspective Zoom: Off” to adjust the wallpaper in any way you’d like!

To download, simply click on the links or the images after the cut to save the wallpapers.

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Monthly Pinspiration // November Pins

Monthly Pinspiration // November Pins


This month, we have been super inspired by the colours spotted on Pinterest as we start to plan our next collection. With the new year approaching, there is an increased fascination with springtime colours paired with longstanding neutrals.

A colour palette that has been on our minds recently and will most likely be the next subject of our Hot Hue series are the shades between coral and pastel pink. So soft and gorgeous!

Here are our favourite pins from our Pinterest boards this month that have been inspiring our work. Click directly on the images to go straight to the pins and their source!


Min: I would love for this to be my future living room. I adore the printed tiles and window so so so much 😀 


Min: Minimalist. Clean lines. Colours. What’s there not to like about this Esther Steward painting? The colour combination is bold yet soothing. I can’t wait to incorporate these colours into our future work!

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honey&gazelle // A Whole Lotta Christmas Cards + Christmas CIY Postcards!

honey&gazelle // A Whole Lotta Christmas Cards + Christmas CIY Postcards!

Now that we have introduced the Christmas Petite Wraps and matching double-sided Gift Tags in our previous update post, it is time for the release of our Christmas cards! And boy, do we have a huge collection out, including some cheeky colouring postcards.

Psst, we have a promo code at the end of the post for early shoppers!


We are kinda like the stereotypical Asians; we are not overly expressive in showing our affections through actions in person. However, we adore writing cards and letters as it is just easier for us to express our feelings and thoughts with words. We go all out with pure sentiments and mush, especially during special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

We use Christmas cards as a way to pen down our gratitude and love towards our family members and friends, which is why Christmas cards have a special place in our hearts. We were so excited to work on our Christmas card designs that we started planning and sketching them out in late August/early September.


A ton of design drafts were trashed, as we were just not feeling the correct vibes from the prototypes. When we finally locked down on our chosen aesthetic, it was mad love and all eight designs were completed so smoothly and quickly.

Our Christmas card collection is understated and minimalistic, with the same four colours – rose, blue, grey, and jade – running through the entire Christmas catalogue. Unlike the Petite Wraps or Gift Tags, the background colours are not solid but are soft washes of watercolours to exude a sense of calm dreaminess.

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Free Downloads #9 // Printable Grocery Cards

Free Downloads #9 // Printable Grocery Cards

As you know, we make lists for everything! And of course, this includes penning down our grocery list before heading to the supermarket.

If you have brought a list to the store before, you may have experienced much fumbling around with your list and your basket of produce. It always happens to us, which is why we decided to design a small grocery card that would make grocery shopping easier and breezier.

Today, we’d like to share these cute and compact printable grocery cards with you!

All you need to do is download the printable, print it out, cut the cards, and jot down your grocery must-buys. Read more

honey&gazelle // Christmas Petite Wraps + Double-Sided Gift Tags

honey&gazelle // Christmas Petite Wraps + Double-Sided Gift Tags

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and thus, our Christmas collection is slowly being released online, item by item. First up for sale online is the honey&gazelle Christmas Petite Wraps with their matching double-sided Gift Tags!

If you are like us (paper and stationery junkies unite!), you would probably have a ton of old wrapping paper lying around your room just waiting to be used. However, instead of using these wrapping papers for the festivities ahead, you find yourself attracted to, and then purchasing new gift wraps. This happens year after year until you probably have yellowing wrappers.


From left to right: Jade Christmas Berries Petite Wrap, Sky Blue Polar Bear Petite Wrap, Milky Grey Skating Days Petite Wrap, Sweet Rose Snowflakes Petite Wrap

Well, we designed our Christmas Petite Wraps as a solution to that exact problem. To reduce wastage and minimise post-wrapping clutter, our Christmas Petite Wraps are well, petite.

They come in a lean and compact size of 29cm x 42cm or 11.7″ x 16″ to ensure that you will not have any leftover wrapping paper to store away for eternity. Each Petite Wrap is spacious enough to wrap 2-3 small gifts and 1 medium-sized gift.


Having a large piece of gift wrap can actually be very difficult and cumbersome to work with. With our Petite Wraps, we find that we get the job done faster and more efficiently. If that is not enough to convince you on going smaller and greener, we have filmed gift wrapping tutorial videos to show you how it’s done! Follow us on Instagram to watch the videos. We have already posted three videos at this moment of blogging.

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Monthly Pinspiration // October Pins

Monthly Pinspiration // October Pins

This is insane, we can’t believe that it is the end of October! Where has time gone?

Our Pinterest boards were a little cold and neglected this month as we had very little time to leisurely browse through Pinterest 😦 However, we did find pins that have inspired our work and we would like to share them with you.

Click directly on the images to go straight to the pins and their source!

Min: One of our commissioned pieces this month featured the hydrangea flowers heavily. I was looking through Pinterest for inspiration pictures when I found this beauty. Oh, how I wish for a hydrangea garden! 

Min: I would love for this to be my wedding cake as I love the woodlands and it fits into my barn theme. The big brown bear looks so crossed, I just want to give him a hug! 

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Behind-The-Scenes // A Look Into Our Busy October

Behind-The-Scenes // A Look Into Our Busy October


If you have been reading our Sunday Stickies, this should come as no surprise to you: we have had a very busy month.

We entered October knowing that it would be hectic, so we decided to document our month in photographs to give you a little peek into our work life. This post also contains previews of our latest designs, a lot of which have yet to launch online.

The bulk of our work this month was to refine and finalise our new products, and begin the packaging process of all our new items. Sure, we had our load of commissioned projects to work on but those are private at the moment!

Settle into this post, as we have a bunch of photos to get through. Starting off with our morning meetings


We don’t always eat at McDonalds for breakfast, but we were really tired that morning and needed a little treat to get through the day. This was taken around 8am.

The photo is horribly misaligned which goes to show that Jia’s brain doesn’t fully function in the morning.

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