Photoshop Basics Tutorial // Working With The Background Layer

Photoshop Basics Tutorial // Working With The Background Layer


Woah, it has been a while since our last Photoshop Basics Tutorial! If you need a refresher on the Layers series, check out part 1 (Introduction to Layers) and part 2 (Touring the Layers Panel) by clicking on the links.

Part 3 of the Layers series for beginners is all about the Background layer.

First things first, open up an image in your Adobe Photoshop.


This is a hand-drawn-then-digitised vector of a hydrangea flower that I was working on for an art print.


Now, take a look at the Layers Panel. It should only contain one layer (your image) and the layer has been automatically named Background by the programme.

Photoshop names the bottommost layer –¬†which tends to be the first thing you opened up, be it an empty canvas or an image – Background as it serves as the new document’s background. A document can only have one Background layer and every additional new layer that is added will appear above the Background layer.

As the Background layer is intended to be the base of your document, there are a few things you are prevented from doing with it.

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