honey&gazelle // Oh no!

honey&gazelle // Oh no!

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Welcome to a brand new year!

We hope that your year is going as planned and many wonderful things have already started to unfold for you. 2016 for us has been rather tricky so far… and we have no choice but to be on an extended break from social media due to unforeseen circumstances!

But, fret not if you really, really, really miss us ’cause we’ll be at these pop up booths in the coming weeks! Come by to say hi!

Singtel-Shopify x MAAD “No Limits” Bazaar
Red Dot Design Museum
22 January, Friday
7.30pm to 10.30pm

The Local People X SAM Art Week Market
Singapore Art Museum
24 January, Sunday
11am to 7pm

NUS Cultural Week Bazaar
NUS Central Forum, below Central Library/ near Faculty of Arts and Social Science
3 and 4 February, Wednesday and Thursday
11am to 6.30pm

We are working real hard behind the scenes in the meantime, and we hope to serve you better in the coming year. Thank you for your patience! 🙂

We will be back! For real! ❤

Love, Min+Jia.


honey&gazelle // BRB

honey&gazelle // BRB


We are on a blog break until 10 January 2016.

honey&gazelle Design Studio and its online stores (Etsy and Carousell) will be closed from 24 December 2015 to 10 January 2016. During this time, we will still be responding to emails, albeit slower than usual. If you really miss us, we will still be posting on our Instagram account every now and then!

We wish you a very blessed Christmas and for the upcoming year to be filled with love and happiness ❤

We will be back!

With Love, Min+Jia.

Sunday Stickies // 20 December 2015

Sunday Stickies // 20 December 2015

Sunday Stickies is a column where we reflect on the past week and pen those thoughts down on sticky pads. Expect notes to ourselves and others, advice, reminders for the week ahead, quotes, and anything random actually.

Oh wow, we have reached the last Sunday Stickies post of the year. Waittttt a minute, last Sunday Stickies post? Yes, we are taking a rest from 24 December 2015 to 10 January 2016. The honey&gazelle Design Studio and all our online stores will be closed during that period, so we will be missing two Sunday Stickies posts (27 December and 3 January).

Christmas and New Year’s Eve always gets us in a reflective mood. We look back on the past year and recall all our achievements, failures, happy moments, blue days, and blessings. This year, we are feeling extremely blessed, as we started 2015 incredibly stressed and low but are ending the year a million times happier 🙂

We thought it would be apt for our last Sunday Stickies post of 2015 to be all about gratitude and thanksgiving as it is important to end and start the year positively with humility. So here it is, our list of five things we are most grateful for in the year 2015 ❤


Min: What a year it has been. 2015 has been a year filled with new and crazy adventures, beginnings and commitments for me. The year started in a crazy blur as I was drowning in work and its daunting datelines. It was a living nightmare and guess what? The health department signalled a red card and that was when I really panicked. Beep beep boop!

So if you’re asking me what exactly I’m grateful for this year, I’ll certainly say that it is LOVE. Love from our heavenly Father, for His providence and protection on my loved ones and myself. Love from my family and fiancé, because I’ll be a total empty shell without their constant care and encouragement. Love from my truest friends, no matter the distance and time spent apart. And love from my fellow honey&gazelle co-founder aka best friend, Jia. I’ll be nothing without my pillars in life. I love all of you 🙂

Jia: I can honestly say without exaggeration that the first four months of 2015 were the most terrible period in my work life ever. I felt like my soul was slowly disintegrating due to the toxic environment I was in. The ideology and belief of working for something you really believe in had never truly resonated with me until this year. I am so thankful that I managed to leave my previous job with my morals intact and my faith stronger than ever.

It is difficult (and pretty lonely at times) to start up a business and I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support and encouragement from my loved ones. I am so thrilled at this new path that I have been led to and I cannot wait to see what other opportunities and surprises come my way in 2016. I am all buckled up and ready!

To everyone still reading: thank you so much for your support for the past 7 months – in fact, exactly 7 months today! – since we started honey&gazelle Design Studio and this blog. We are really amazed that there are customers and readers who are interested in what we do and our rather mundane Sunday Stickies posts. We will strive to bring you better content and designs in the coming year 🙂 Much love!

Now, tell us – what are you grateful about this year?

Love, Min+Jia.

Free Downloads #11 // The Merry Christmas List (Printable Shopping List)

Free Downloads #11 // The Merry Christmas List (Printable Shopping List)

We have been so stretched with time this week that this Free Downloads post is coming in two days late. Oops, but better late than never, right?

If you have not started or completed your Christmas shopping, it is time to get organised!

Despite our best efforts to finish Christmas shopping early this year, we found ourselves (just a few days ago!) in the scary crowd of equally-late shoppers right smack in the middle of town. With so much tension in the air, we did not get any shopping done and quickly escaped into the safe haven of our studio.

We needed a plan. And so, we made a list. As always. If you need a shopping list to pen down your gift ideas and stuff, this free printable will definitely come in handy!

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Sunday Stickies // 13 December 2015

Sunday Stickies // 13 December 2015

Sunday Stickies is a column where we reflect on the past week and pen those thoughts down on sticky pads. Expect notes to ourselves and others, advice, reminders for the week ahead, quotes, and anything random actually.

As creatives, we tend to get spontaneous bouts of inspiration and ideas that we have to immediately work feverishly on. Well, we had two such brilliant ideas this week and spent most of our waking hours trying to bring them to life.

One of the ideas was to bring back hand-cut stickers to our pop-up booths. The last time we sold stickers was probably 5 months ago and we thought it was a good time to design some fun Christmas stickers for decorating presents or cards.

On hindsight, we remembered why we stopped producing stickers in the first place. The cutting process is simply put, tedious. We probably spent four days cutting all the stickers by hand and driving each other crazy in the meantime.

Although the process was so strenuous, we really love the end results of our little stickers in neatly-packed sets. Ah, we are such suckers for stickers. Next up on our to-invest list for 2016: a die-cut printing machine for our studio!


Min: Let the countdown begin! I’m officially a year away from getting married. And it’s also 12 days to Christmas! December is my favourite month because of Christmas. There’s so much to be thankful for and I can’t help but to count my blessings twice during Christmas. I hope you’re feeling as merry as me!

This week is all about singing and reminiscing Jia and my favorite childhood/teen-hood songs. We were cutting our stickers all week, and singing made the job a little easier. Think along the lines of Cinderella and her forest animals… I’m pleasantly surprised at how good our memory is when it comes to remembering those song lyrics…

Jia: Do you know what happens when half of your family goes away for days? You have one majorly whiny ginger kitty who insists on following you everywhere you go, 24/7. I guess I just found out that Trooper has serious separation anxiety and boredom issues. It was like having a really cute bodyguard all the time. Boba, on the other hand, was totally chill as usual. Ah, seeing him nap always makes me feel so sleepy and envious. Oh, a cat’s life is a dream life.

For the past few days, I have been in a very good mood because my birthday is approaching! Birthday celebrations have already begun in-between work and pop-up market booths, and I am feeling all the love from my family and friends (: I can’t wait for Monday as I finally get to rest and enjoy a lazy birthday with my boyfriend. After that, it will be time for Christmas celebrations! Happy swoony sighs all around as I just love December so much!

How have you been spending your week?

Love, Min+Jia.

Christmas Curate Special // Gift Ideas for Friends

Christmas Curate Special // Gift Ideas for Friends

Aw, we have reached the last part of the Christmas Curate Special! That was really quick but then again, Christmas is fast approaching and you should really get down to shopping.

With less than two weeks to Christmas, let us give you a little inspiration if you are getting stressed about gift shopping.

Here are our eight gift ideas for your beloved friends!

1 //  For the creative soul who wants to start crafting: Operation Overhaul DIY Starter Kit – Our lovely friends at Operation Overhaul has a really nifty DIY Starter Kit that would be perfect for your creative buddy who has been dying to get her hands dirty but just didn’t know how to. Encourage your friend to unleash her DIY goddess with all these essentials in the cutest little bag.

2 // For the scattered-brain girl who is always on the go: honey&gazelle Design Studio Jiffy Jots Notepad – There is nothing better for a lousy memory than immediately putting pen to paper and jotting down passing thoughts, ideas and sketches. Convince your friend of that theory and her notes will save the day! This handy notepad is super compact and great for a friend who has a short-term memory.

3 // For the natural skincare addict: Handmade Heroes Super Duper Nourishing Rice Scrub (Christmas Mint) – All natural and vegan, this scrub smells of Christmas and would probably put your friend in the best of moods. Just be prepared to wait a little longer for her to get ready. Support local makers and share the love!

4 // For the girl who loves to smell everything: The Besotted Things Jasmine Soy Candle – In general (and pretty stereotypical), most girls love great-smelling anything. This candle has a beautiful lingering scent that will fill your friend’s room quickly and make her really happy. Just don’t keep it for yourself once you catch a whiff of it!

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Christmas Curate Special // Gift Ideas for Significant Others!

Christmas Curate Special // Gift Ideas for Significant Others!

This is a three-parter series on Christmas gift ideas. If you are looking for some inspiration on what to get your family members for Christmas, read Part 1!

Part 2 of our Christmas Curate Special zooms in on gift ideas for your significant other. Asides from tangible presents, we have a couple of suggestions that would make meaningful dates and/or benefit the less-fortunate.

Let’s jump right into the male territory!

1 //  For dressing up the boy: Two Guys Bowtie Company Doc Wooden Bow Tie – Cloth ties or bow ties? How boring! Add a little quirk into your man’s life by introducing this wooden bow tie to his repertoire. We showed it to our boyfriends and they thought it was pretty cool!

2 // For the (wannabe) coffee connoisseur: Tom Dixon Brew French Press – If your significant other can’t start the day without “good” coffee, let him brew his own! This gorgeous copper French Press is functional, practical, and an absolute statement piece for the kitchen.

3 // For the man whose childhood dream was to be a spy: The James Bond Archives: SPECTRE Edition – This book contains the record of every single Bond film made. It is filled with cool behind-the-scenes stuff like unseen stills, set designs, storyboards, production memos along with an oral history recounted by cast and crew members. A must-buy for the James Bond fan!

4 // For the guy who is always hungry: A Great Slab of Meat Cooked By You – The foolproof way to win him over and melt his heart over Christmas? Cook a super yummy cut of his favourite meat and have a fantastic dinner date with him! If you are tired, make him do the dishes. (Pictured and linked: Angus Beef Fillet Steak from Huber’s Butchery. Looks so good!)

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Christmas Curate Special // Gift Ideas for Family Members!

Christmas Curate Special // Gift Ideas for Family Members!

If you have been scratching your head and wondering what presents to get your loved ones, this week’s blogposts will be just perfect for you!

This week is dedicated to gift guides for Christmas and we are kicking things off with the ones closest to us, our family members.

Our gift ideas range from functional to decorative. You may not purchase these exact items but we hope to give your present-searching brain a little zap. May you have an “eureka!” moment 🙂

1 //  For pampering Mummy Dearest: Tata Harper Elixir Vitae: Limited Edition SuperNatural – Mothers tend to save the best for their children so we thought it would be nice to treat them to some luxurious natural skincare. Tata Harper has been on the lips of many beauty insiders and definitely worth a try!

2 // For the tea-loving mom: Aynsley Period Crinoline Lady Teacup and Saucer – If your mother is an appreciator of tea sets, we bet she will love this vintage teacup and saucer from the 1930s. It is in pristine condition and the exquisite painting paired with the lime green trim is just darling!

3 // For the dad who is trying to get back on the healthy train: Fitbit Charge HR – As a form of encouragement, purchase a fitness tracker for your father! This one measures the heart rate (really important for older folks) and we bet your dad will love a handy new gadget to play with 🙂

4 // For the masterchef father: Ozeri OZK1 Elite Chef Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set in Black – Any avid cook would adore this set of ceramic knives. The Ozeri knives boasts 100% ceramic blades that are close in hardness to diamonds and weighs half the weight of a metal knife. Preparation would be a total breeze.

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Sunday Stickies // 6 December 2015

Sunday Stickies // 6 December 2015

Sunday Stickies is a column where we reflect on the past week and pen those thoughts down on sticky pads. Expect notes to ourselves and others, advice, reminders for the week ahead, quotes, and anything random actually.

This week has been a whirlwind of firsts and heartwarming emotions for us. We had our first private event engagement and it was just pure fun. We bumped into old friends and a repeat customer (hello!), and had really awesome free music and food, all while manning our booth in a very cool location.

We are also pretty pumped to announce that for the month of December, a selected range of honey&gazelle Design Studio’s products will be stocked at VainGloriousYou as part of their Winter Wonderland In A Boutique event. We did up our little space on Thursday and want to hear your thoughts on it! Please do go down to take a look at it. The boutique is at 42 Haji Lane and they are open everyday.

When we first embarked on this adventure together, we did not expect to make many new friends nor experience such heartfelt emotions with people we barely know. Fast forward to six months and in the present, we have formed supportive friendships with fellow lovely + super fun vendors and met so many customers who are just the sweetest.

Just a few days ago, a customer came by and gave us handmade keychains for Christmas! To you: We are so sorry that we don’t know your name and barely had the time to get to know you! Please do come by our booth again so that we can really thank you in person. We are so touched by the pretty keychains and your sincere thoughts!

All the love and kindness in the air… it is really beginning to feel like Christmas!  ❤


Min: This week is about new adventures and taking bold steps. I can be quite a pessimist so a lot of considerations will be thought through before I actually give a thumbs up to anything. New adventures are fun but they can be really scary. However, I am learning to trust and let go. You know, let go and let God! 🙂

Even though it is just a year to go to my wedding, I boldly snipped off half my hair and now I’m back to my mushroom bob! Jia loves my short hair and so does my mum. And if you guys were to see us at our pop-up booths, please say hi! It’s still me! 😀

Jia: I am so behind my work, yet I am starting to really anticipate our break at the end of December. With the multitude and onslaught of projects and events, I am starting to feel it. Exhaustion. A few years ago, I fell super ill to exhaustion while I was on a vacation to Taiwan with my friends. Prior to that, I had a ton of things going on in my life and the break came just in time. It was a bummer that I had to stay in bed while my friends went around the city. This is a reminder that I need to get sufficient daily sleep, if not I will be spending Christmas in bed, and that is one very sad thought ):

In happier news, I cut my hair too! Let’s just get this straight (haha), my haircut came a day before Min’s. I am loving how breezy it is but hating the hassle of daily blow-dries. But this is also the first time ever that my clique of childhood friends and I have similar lengths, so I can’t wait for everyone to be reunited for the holidays. Just 19 days and counting!

Round-up of November’s Sunday Stickies: 1 November // 8 November // 15 November // 22 November // 29 November

What are your plans this December? Do share with us in the comments section below!

Love, Min+Jia.

honey&gazelle // 2016 Calendar: 12 Months of Bad Puns Bring Good Cheer!

honey&gazelle // 2016 Calendar: 12 Months of Bad Puns Bring Good Cheer!

Calendars! Nothing gets you more prepared for the new year than a fresh new calendar. Well, that and making new year resolutions that you probably would not keep.

This online release is coming in a little late as we have already been selling our calendars in person at our pop-up booths for the past few weeks. But better late than never, yeah?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you our 2016 Calendar: 12 Months of Bad Puns Bring Good Cheer! -imaginary crowd cheers- 


As you may have guessed from the really long name, this calendar contains silly but spirited puns-of-the-month designed to make you smile or roll your eyes. We definitely encourage humour!

The twelve punny quotes and colourful illustrations have been designed to brighten up any down or dull days. When times get rough or boring, we hope that you will look at the calendar and smile. That is really our biggest reason behind creating such a calendar!

Here is a look at some of the months.

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