Behind-The-Scenes // A Look Into Our Busy October

Behind-The-Scenes // A Look Into Our Busy October


If you have been reading our Sunday Stickies, this should come as no surprise to you: we have had a very busy month.

We entered October knowing that it would be hectic, so we decided to document our month in photographs to give you a little peek into our work life. This post also contains previews of our latest designs, a lot of which have yet to launch online.

The bulk of our work this month was to refine and finalise our new products, and begin the packaging process of all our new items. Sure, we had our load of commissioned projects to work on but those are private at the moment!

Settle into this post, as we have a bunch of photos to get through. Starting off with our morning meetings


We don’t always eat at McDonalds for breakfast, but we were really tired that morning and needed a little treat to get through the day. This was taken around 8am.

The photo is horribly misaligned which goes to show that Jia’s brain doesn’t fully function in the morning.

The Development Process


Trying to determine the perfect size and design for our gift tags.

honeyandgazelle-behind-the-scenes-october-development-02 honeyandgazelle-behind-the-scenes-october-development-03 honeyandgazelle-behind-the-scenes-october-development-04

The cats helping to decide on the right shades.

The development process regretfully always involves a lot of paper and ink. We do a ton of trials and test prints to check on various parts of the design e.g. colours, sizes of motifs, printing accuracy.

We feel very bad for wasting paper, so we do recycle or reuse them after we are done!

honeyandgazelle-behind-the-scenes-october-development-05 honeyandgazelle-behind-the-scenes-october-development-06 honeyandgazelle-freedownloads-makeithappen-A6-printable-02

Our free printable – Make It Happen – stuck to our noticeboard (along with our finalised mock-ups) for some visual encouragement!

Photo and Video Shoots

Oh, the mess.

We take a lot of our product photos on various sizes of canvases, wooden boards, marble slabs, and paper. Since our designs are usually pretty compact, we zoom in most of the time. What you don’t see from our photos is the mess outside of the frame!


Everything is everywhere. See if you can recognise the final shot in our post here!


Squeezing all of Min’s bunnies and snacks into a large canvas for our Talk // Guilty + Silly Pleasures post.


Jia was testing the lighting for this shot from way up, while Min tries to strike a match to light the candles. Oh look, a sneak peek of our Christmas CIY Postcards!


The mess at the side: berries, matches, glitter, candy, so many props!

The Packaging Process


Packing our Christmas CIY Postcards into a nice neat pack with all the information printed and trimmed and slotted into plastic sleeves.


Proof that we do use and love our products: our to-do list and notes scribbled on the Jiffy Jots notepad!


Putting together our 2016 Calendar was a tedious process.

Here was Min punching out the square holes. We were only at the month of July when Jia took a quick breather to snap this pic. Obvious tired and shaky hands – so sorry for the slightly blurry photo – after working all day!

Pop-Up Booths

honeyandgazelle-behind-the-scenes-october-booth-01 honeyandgazelle-behind-the-scenes-october-booth-02

Speaking of pop-up booths, we have a ton lined up from now till the end of the year!

This Friday and Saturday, we will be at the Foothills Grass Patch of Fort Canning for The Local People x NOISE Singapore Art Market from 5pm – 11pm.

Below are the November dates for the art markets we are involved in. The dates for December are not confirmed yet!

Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD)

Date: 6 November, Friday

Venue: Red Dot Design Museum

Time: 5pm – Midnight


Christmas Carousel Market

Date: 28 – 29 November, Saturday and Sunday

Venue: The Plaza at Capitol Building

Time: 12pm – 10pm

Did you find this behind-the-scenes peek interesting? Let us know if we should continue to document our life working in our design studio! 🙂

Love, Min+Jia.

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