Monthly Pinspiration // October Pins

Monthly Pinspiration // October Pins

This is insane, we can’t believe that it is the end of October! Where has time gone?

Our Pinterest boards were a little cold and neglected this month as we had very little time to leisurely browse through Pinterest 😦 However, we did find pins that have inspired our work and we would like to share them with you.

Click directly on the images to go straight to the pins and their source!

Min: One of our commissioned pieces this month featured the hydrangea flowers heavily. I was looking through Pinterest for inspiration pictures when I found this beauty. Oh, how I wish for a hydrangea garden! 

Min: I would love for this to be my wedding cake as I love the woodlands and it fits into my barn theme. The big brown bear looks so crossed, I just want to give him a hug! 

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Behind-The-Scenes // A Look Into Our Busy October

Behind-The-Scenes // A Look Into Our Busy October


If you have been reading our Sunday Stickies, this should come as no surprise to you: we have had a very busy month.

We entered October knowing that it would be hectic, so we decided to document our month in photographs to give you a little peek into our work life. This post also contains previews of our latest designs, a lot of which have yet to launch online.

The bulk of our work this month was to refine and finalise our new products, and begin the packaging process of all our new items. Sure, we had our load of commissioned projects to work on but those are private at the moment!

Settle into this post, as we have a bunch of photos to get through. Starting off with our morning meetings


We don’t always eat at McDonalds for breakfast, but we were really tired that morning and needed a little treat to get through the day. This was taken around 8am.

The photo is horribly misaligned which goes to show that Jia’s brain doesn’t fully function in the morning.

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Sunday Stickies // 25 October 2015

Sunday Stickies // 25 October 2015

Sunday Stickies is a column where we reflect on the past week and pen those thoughts down on sticky pads. Expect notes to ourselves and others, advice, reminders for the week ahead, quotes, and anything random actually.

This week was all about preparations for the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show. We were packing non-stop for five days, plus squeezing in a few hours here and there everyday for photoshoots and video shoots.

We were fighting food coma and mundane sleepy zzzs for hours on end, trying to strike off our to-dos (written on our Jiffy Jot notepad) before the evening of Friday. And yes, we made it happen! It felt like such an achievement on Friday when we were done with preparations; we were so tired but very pleased 🙂

Note: This post was written on Saturday night, after the first day of the Consumer Trade Show. The first day was GREAT and our new products were really well-received. We love seeing the smiling faces of our customers when they look at some of the punny designs 🙂 It really brings our slogan – happiness by design – to life and warms our hearts.

Hello to all our new friends! Thank you for your support and warmest words of encouragement! We can never thank you enough.

Min: Every day is an emotional battlefield for me. I go up and down the emotional rollercoaster so much; I can’t decide if I’m a cheerful bunny or an emotional train wreck. If I were to sum up my week in one word, it would be ‘thankful‘. I spent almost every waking minute with Jia this week. We were up to our necks packing our new products and we are the minions of our own company/factory. I’m so proud of Jia for all the hard work, for designing all the lovely stuff we have in our store. And beyond thankful to be able to walk this journey with her.

I’m also particularly thankful to our customers – online and offline – for every little compliment, encouragement and smile. It adds meaning to what we do and I feel like we’re one step closer to achieving our goal. I always feel very refreshed and energized after every market and I’m thankful for the positive energy from everyone we meet, vendors and customers alike 🙂

Jia: This week was a mixed bag filled with happy but tiring activities, and awful emergencies. I’m really thankful and thrilled with our work week despite us working to the bone. It doesn’t really matter how tiring it gets when you know you have a partner working beside you with a common goal. Thanks Min, for being the heart and cheerleader of honey&gazelle Design Studio!

This week also saw the sudden return of my oldest friend under terrible circumstances ): A sudden loss is always terrible to cope with, and I pray for comfort and peace to be upon her in this time of sadness. There is always this conflicting feeling, when you feel so happy that your beloved friend is home but so heartbroken that it happened only because of horrible situation.

In other bad news, my kitty, Boba, had a seizure relapse today and I am so worried about his health ): Please do keep him in your prayers and thoughts! He is a special needs kitty who is the gentlest sweetest cat ever, I really do want him to have a happy healthy life!

Tell us how your week went and if you had a terrible week – chin up, things will get better!

Love, Min+Jia.

honey&gazelle // Wordsearch Postcards: The Second Collection + The Launch of Notepads!

honey&gazelle // Wordsearch Postcards: The Second Collection + The Launch of Notepads!


After the success of our first Wordsearch Postcards, we are super pleased to release the second collection of the original series! We contemplated reprinting the first collection due to high demand, but decided to design completely new puzzles to form the next instalment.

The second Wordsearch Postcards collection contains new themes: Wanderlust, Local Yummies, Work The Earth, and Under The Sea. We took a really long time to determine the words as we wanted the puzzles to be more challenging than the first batch. Unlike the first instalment, we are not selling these individually but only as a complete set.


Shop: Wordsearch Postcard Set: The Second Collection 

The colours of each puzzle are lighter and breezier in general as compared to the first edition. We are still working to find the best shades of colours that would not be as taxing and distracting on the eyes!

All postcards are printed on heavyweight 100% recycled matte paper. The postcards are available in a set of 4 (one piece of each design/puzzle) via EtsyCarousell, or at our booths at art markets.

As usual for our puzzle postcards, each set includes a plastic sheet for you to place over the front and play the puzzle to your heart’s content. You can easily erase mistakes and even pass around the puzzles to your friends!

Let’s take a closer look at the four Wordsearch Postcards!


In an ode to our homeland, this cheeky puzzle, ‘Local Yummies‘ features our favourite Singaporean delicacies. It is also the most challenging puzzle in the collection. We were feeling really hungry while designing this postcard.


We love how the ‘Under The Sea‘ theme came together! This is probably our favourite design out of all our Wordsearch Postcards. There is a silly fish that is swimming in the wrong direction: please try to spot him!


This puzzle is dedicated to our closest friends (you know who you are!). We got the list of cities for this ‘Wanderlust‘ puzzle from our friends’ travel wish lists and we are hoping to conquer these places together 🙂 We love traveling with our friends and we can’t wait for another adventure with them!


Min’s favourite past-time: gardening! ‘Work The Earth‘ consists of words associated with gardening and horticulture. Give in to your gardening instinct to nurture a bonzai or succulent by solving this wordsearch puzzle!

Now, for our newest products: notepads!


Awww, we love our notepads so much that we can’t stop smiling at them. They are our prettiest works yet.

We are huge list makers and are hoarders of notepads and notebooks. Notepads have always been one of our dream products to design and produce since day one, and we are so glad to finally fulfil this little dream!

Both notepads are 50-pages and are professionally printed on acid-free, 90 gr/m² weight paper with a vellum finish. The notepad measure 107 x 139 mm (4.2″ x 5.5″), a great handy size for on-the-go scribbles and flashes of brilliance.


Shop: Jiffy Jots Notepad

We wanted to create a very versatile notepad that you can use on a daily basis, something so steady and reliable that you will always have on hand.

Jiffy Jots is perfect for jotting down anything that comes to mind: grocery lists, reminders, love notes, telephone numbers, and other scribbles. It can also double up as a sketch pad for your doodles.


Shop: Make Today Amazing Daily Planning Notepad

Every day is a good day but if you want your day to be amazing, use this notepad! Make Today Amazing is a daily planning notepad that will help guide your activities and emotions of the day.

Besides the usual sections reserved for your to-dos, goals, and water tracking, we have also included spaces for notes, doodles, and happy thoughts. These are great for your wandering mind and for cheering yourself up, if you are having a bad day.

And there you have it, our first two notepads! We are very excited to expand upon this category, so keep watching this space 🙂

Tell us, do you prefer your notepads lined or unlined?

Love, Min+Jia.

(Check out our full range of prints and paper goodies on our Etsy, Carousell, or Society6 stores. We have three online stores so that you can shop at whichever you prefer and are most comfortable with!)

Talk // 5 Guilty + Silly Pleasures

Talk // 5 Guilty + Silly Pleasures


Ah, guilty pleasures. Everyone has them. Sometimes, we take so much pleasure in them that we don’t even feel guilty about it. It leaves us weak in the knees and we get so tempted to indulge in these pleasures.

While we were discussing the topic of this post last week, we decided that most of our guilty pleasures aren’t things to be very ashamed of. They are just silly little things that we are addicted to.

Today, we will share some of our guilty and/or silly pleasures with you. Just for fun!



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Sunday Stickies // 18 October 2015

Sunday Stickies // 18 October 2015

Sunday Stickies is a column where we reflect on the past week and pen those thoughts down on sticky pads. Expect notes to ourselves and others, advice, reminders for the week ahead, quotes, and anything random actually.

Thank God for Sundays! It is the only day we really truly rest, and oh boy, do we really need to rest.

Like our latest free printable, this week was all about making it happen at the honey&gazelle Design Studio. Min was away and WIFI-less in one of the most technologically advanced countries while Jia was buried under a pile of work with no one to talk to and discuss matters with. But yay, we made things happen and we are now on track with our preparations.

Preparations for what, you may ask? Well, we are popping back up at art markets!

We are very excited and nervous to be a part of the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show on 24-25 October. Yes, we will be doing next week’s Sunday Stickies from our booth again. If you are in town, please do drop by to smile at us! We will be at the Suntec Convention Hall 403 from 1pm – 7pm 🙂

Keep your eyes glued to our Instagram account for the next few weeks as that is where we will be unveiling our newest products! Some items are new instalments of our bestselling series, while some will aid in festivities ahead.

Mailing list friends, you will get the news first and maybe, just maybe, a very merry surprise. If you are not on our mailing list, why aren’t you? 😦 Sign up here, we promise we don’t spam.

Min: This week was spent in Japan and it was one relaxing holiday. We decided not to head into Tokyo but instead we drove around and explored other cities and towns.

We spent tons of time looking at trees, rivers and lakes, listening to rain and downing a lot of coffee. It was very therapeutic for the soul. I also had the chance to taste some very exquisite Japanese food and my oh my, it was so so so good. Happy tummy, happy mind, happy me! 🙂

Maybe the lousy wifi (no wifi actually) and lack of data made this trip a rather relaxing and quiet one. So this month, I’ll be completely uncontactable until my data usage gets renewed. Boo.

Jia: I wished I had more time to catch up on TV; I am behind so many shows! For example, I am 2 seasons behind The Big Bang Theory. Even though I don’t think the show is that funny anymore and am thinking of dropping it entirely, I would still like the option of having the time to brainlessly binge through episodes.

I just got started on Gotham (season 1, mind you) and I love love love love love it. My brother brought me up to be a huge Batman fan and I love the easter eggs that they drop around in the show. I can’t stand that I am empathetic to the villains that I feared most when I was growing up (Riddler and Penguin) but I am totally suckered into their origin stories. I want to binge watch Gotham!!!

On another note, my kitties turn 2 this week! Happy birthday to the cutest kitties in the world, Trooper and Boba! ❤ Now, if only the both of you can stop trying to nibble my hair.

How was your week? Anything eventful happened? Tell us about it!

Love, Min+Jia.

Free Downloads #8 // “Make It Happen” Quote Printable

Free Downloads #8 // “Make It Happen” Quote Printable

We have been working around the clock lately and doing our best to meet deadlines. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we mutter aloud, “Is this even possible?!”.

Unlike our previous jobs where we would have constant pressure to deliver under our bosses’ micromanaging, we are now our own best employee and worst boss. Or worst employee and best boss? We are getting sidetracked. Worst employee for sure!

Getting back to the topic, it is now our sole responsibility to make sure that things get done on time. As if talking to ourselves isn’t bad enough, we decided to create a simple printable to remind us that no matter what, we have to “make it happen”. Yes, we are our own slavedriver.

If you need a little push to get through your workload, you can download this free printable for some visual motivation!

The print looks a little washed out in this photo as our printer is running out of ink. Haha!

Download, print this out, and then pin this on your noticeboard, cubical wall, or anywhere you wish! We have created it in a very handy size that would fit into most locations.

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Curate // Pumped Up Kicks (aka My Sneakers Wishlist)

Curate // Pumped Up Kicks (aka My Sneakers Wishlist)

I am a shoe addict.

Here is a fun fact about me: I grew up wearing heels! Yup, no kidding. I had my first pair of 3 inches heels way before the age of 10. I can still remember how it looked like. Two thick brown suede straps that crisscrossed and a thick chunky black heel.

Obviously, wearing heels everywhere since a tender young age was a terribly bad idea. My friends had a running commentary that I was able to even climb mountains with my heels. In all honesty, I climbed The Great Wall of China with heeled boots. Sigh, I love the extra height of heels so much! However, three consecutive tumbles and sprains within a span of two years ended my love affair with fake heights.

My doctor ordered me to wear sneakers for at least six months while my left ankle heels (couldn’t resist the pun). I was initially really aghast. I had to wear those ugly boyish-looking sneakers?! I remembered my sister buying my first pair of casual sneakers. They were a pair of black base with thin white stripes Le Coq Sportif sneakers.

That was about 7 years ago. Fast forward to present day: I love my kicks! My left ankle never fully recovered and it still hurts if I wear heels for a long period of time. The Le Coq Sportif sneakers are long gone and replaced by my burgeoning collection of Converse kicks. I used to wear white Chuck Taylors while I was in school, so I went back to Converse after accepting the fact that heels were no longer an acceptable daily footwear choice for me.

With my birthday and Christmas fast approaching, I have kindly compiled a wishlist of kicks that I really really want. This post is dedicated to my family, friends, and boyfriend. Wink wink. 

1 //  Chuck Taylor All Star Dual Zip in Deep Bordeaux – I have a pair of zipped hi-tops and I really love the ease of getting in and out of the shoes. This suede hi-top had me falling in love at first sight. It is divine perfection and right at the top of my wish-list. I need it!

2 // Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 Andy Warhol in Lichen Green – My boyfriend and I visit our local Converse store at least twice a month. I have seen the rest of the Andy Warhol collection but strangely have not seen this in person. I love the aged and poppy fun vibe of this. The best out of the Andy Warhol collection for sure.

3 // Chuck Taylor All Star Hardware in Silver – If you can’t already tell, I have a weakness for suede shoes. This is so gorgeous, especially with the row of spiked studs at the heel! Definitely a shoe that will go with everything.

4 // Converse by John Varvatos Leather in Turkish Coffee – I have seen this in the stores and I absolutely adore it. I love sneakers that look worn in and this has the appearance of weathered leather with a touch of luxe. I would want to change the laces to a cream colour though.

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Sunday Stickies // 11 October 2015

Sunday Stickies // 11 October 2015

Sunday Stickies is a column where we reflect on the past week and pen those thoughts down on sticky pads. Expect notes to ourselves and others, advice, reminders for the week ahead, quotes, and anything random actually.

The week at honey&gazelle Design Studio can be summed up into an image of two headless chickens running around. Okay, please don’t think about it too graphically with real chickens. That would be frightful and very unpleasant.

Let’s stay on track with our busy week, shall we? We have been rushing to get our new collections out to the printers and at the same time, handle a bunch of boring logistics. Sometimes we wished that our work could just simply stop at designing. Such a pity that it is just a daydream!

We are very excited about the new stuff coming your way! We have Christmas goodies, new postcards and art prints, as well as something for the new year ahead and some things for you to write on. More news about our latest products will be trickling into our Instagram account and subsequently our stores as soon as next week!

Min: This week’s phone struggle was very real. I have no idea how I managed to wipe out my data usage this month! It has only been less than 2 weeks and I’m out of data. Say whhuuuuut? I’m currently on wifi, 2G or flight mode. It’s so frustrating to be unable to reply to anyone’s messages. It also didn’t help that my phone went missing for a couple of hours! Because the phone was on flight mode, I couldn’t call through or detect it. Ahhh! Imagine my face when I finally found it under the car seat a few hours later….

My mum’s birthday is tomorrow and I have a whole list of mummy-daughter adventures to do together! I can’t wait to spend some fun time in the sun with her! Have a blessed birthday mum. I love you so so much! 🙂

Jia: If you know me really well or if you have been reading our Sunday Stickies regularly, you would know that I have a finicky relationship with sleep. Some days I get to sleep peacefully but most days I can’t even catch a wink of it.

I am currently on a terrible sleep cycle. The good news is that I have actually slept most nights for the past two weeks! The bad news is that I can only get to sleep from 5am to 11am, which is horrible for work and feeling normal. I feel like I am back living in Geneva time. Oh, the life of an insomniac with sleep anxiety!

Sleep issues aside, I find myself surrounded with love and miracles. Butter macadamia nut cupcakes and new in-ear headphones along with quality time spent with friends and the boyfriend make me feel very cherished and loved! In more great news, my friend’s loved one has miraculously recovered after many days in the ICU. It has been an awesome week!

Tell us how your week went! 🙂

Love, Min+Jia.

honey&gazelle // Introducing Travel Mugs + 4 New Art Prints

honey&gazelle // Introducing Travel Mugs + 4 New Art Prints

Woah, it has been a while since our last update on the new arrivals at honey&gazelle Design Studio!

If you have been reading our recent Sunday Stickies, you know that we have been basically overwhelmed with work in the studio since September. Commissioned projects and our own product development have been consuming our lives. Anyway! Let’s talk about new products 🙂

First up, we have travel mugs! We are really excited about these! We carry a water bottle or a tumbler everywhere we go, and now we get to bring around our own travel mugs. How cool is that?

Shop: Papa Don’t Peach Travel Mug // Hug Me Cactus Travel Mug // Be The Best You Travel Mug // Love In Full Bloom Travel Mug

If you take a look at the Love In Full Bloom Travel Mug picture on top, you will be able to see that the design wraps around the container. Love it. We have a pet peeve when it comes to discontinuity.

These lovely travel mugs are double-walled and thus, will keep your drinks hot or cool for a long time. It holds 12 oz (around 350ml) of liquid, and has a press-in suction lid to prevent spillage.

In celebration of the launch of travel mugs, we have a promo for you!

Click this link and enjoy $5 off your travel mug along with free worldwide shipping. Yay for discounts! Please do note that the free shipping offer excludes the coverage for framed art prints, stretched canvases, wall clocks and rugs. It ends on 12 October 2015 at 14:59pm Singapore Time (GMT+8) / October 11, 2015 at Midnight Pacific Time.

Alright, moving on to our new art prints!

Kitty Photobomb!

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