Drink // Infused Ice Fishies

Drink // Infused Ice Fishies

It is easy to get dehydrated while living on a tropical island in perpetual summer. It has been extremely scorching recently (sigh, global warming) and nothing beats a glass of iced water when it comes to cooling down quickly.

We have taken to dropping infused ice cubes (actually, ice fishies – just see below) into our waters for extra oomph, and have tried a whole lot of different combinations!

Here are four simple favourites.

When you are feeling fancy: tomato + basil 


Diced tomatoes and sweet basil seeped in water.

Unique combination that results in very pretty ice and a light summery flavour. If you want to turn up the fancy factor, just pop them into carbonated water. Not a fan of tomatoes? Try basil with strawberries instead.

To help soothe a icky throat while staying cool: honey + lemon


Mix honey with lemon juice and add some chopped up lemon bits to the ice cube tray.

The combination of honey and lemon is super versatile – it tastes great with water and will also help sweeten up teas! I drink a cup of honey water every morning and these ice fishies gives it a tangy boost. This is comfort in ice.

Note: I find that it takes slightly longer to completely freeze honey especially if its not seamlessly combined with the lemon juice. Leave it in the freezer for a while longer than usual!

Great when imagining that you are on a beach and not sweating buckets: coconut water + celery


You will only need coconut water and finely chopped bits of celery.

There’s nothing like coconuts to remind you of beaches and palm trees. This tastes nothing like Pina Coladas but is heaps healthier… that’s good right? Celery adds a distinct sharp flavour of green to everything, but rest assured all you anti-celery eaters, the coconut water helps to calm it down. It’s a happy and refreshing marriage in water!

Surprisingly awesome and summery delight: orange + mint


Crush the mint leaves and dice the oranges. Dump them into a ice cube tray filled with orange juice.

Toothpaste. That was what my childhood friend said this would taste like. Well, she is so wrong. This tastes like a bright bright bright sunshiney day! It leaves your tastebuds tingling and is immediately thirst-quenching. Delicious!

More pairing suggestions:

blackberry + strawberry | cucumber + lime | rosemary + lemon | pear + raspberry | green tea + honey | watermelon + mint | ginger + lemongrass

Adding infused ice into your water is a really simple and fun process with endless combinations to try out. You can also add the ice cubes into your cocktails for added dimension. A lime + mint combination would be splendid with mojitos!

Would you be trying any of the above combinations or creating any new concoctions? Let me know in the comments below (:

Have a great weekend guys!


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